Little daily Tamilian practices, signs and symbols that ring my heart-strings have long popped up to entice me to make my resonances public. Here is one sounding-out of that voice of an Outsider on the Inside: LOVING THE LOCALS During the first years of being honoured as a guest in India, one of the most […]



After arriving in the early hours and sitting some perfect time on the roof watching the mountain and the sky, I wandered¬†along familiar tracks; here’s the beauty that passed me by: Having not slept for several days I urgently needed to catch up with Sonagiri forest that evening by entering the seclusion and quietude. The […]

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Marooned for an hour in India

After heavy rain the night before, I had to wait an hour in town yesterday; all I needed to do was get my knife sharpened before returning to the printers in an hour. This little enclave of shops is the Sewing centre – the equivalent of Lindcraft. This is an extension of Chinnakadi or Small […]

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The Sadhu Drag Revisited

The year now is 2013 in the Christian Calendar, Vijya Varuda in the Hindu sixty-year cycle, and this year on return I find substantial changes in the urban area surrounding the ashram as well as within ashram itself, although the changes there have more to do with my own willingness finally to recognise that the […]

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How to make the most of the drought

Whenever a drought reveals the monumental excavation strategies used at Palliya Thirthum to solve problems many centuries ago, the ashram organises the mining of precious silt for use in gardens on their extensive land holdings. This year the task included repair to an ancient well-wall that had caved in mid-way through the undertaking when a […]

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Consensual Anarchy: Roots

This story follows on from the previous one: Burial for Barbarians. Quite a long time ago a wise District Forest Officer took me to the crux of our incapacity to prevent uneducated people breaking Forest Law, thereby engaging in what – from our educated perspective – passes as ‘vandalism’: destruction of Reserve Forest causing erosion […]

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