After arriving in the early hours and sitting some perfect time on the roof watching the mountain and the sky, I wandered along familiar tracks; here’s the beauty that passed me by: Having not slept for several days I urgently needed to catch up with Sonagiri forest that evening by entering the seclusion and quietude. The […]

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A day away

Away we went for a day in the hills to clarify and restore; this record is a small gesture of affection for a very lovely place: Bheeman Falls was our destination. Drought had hardly touched the forest here; although the waterhole was a relief, the falls were dry: A group of young men soaked up […]

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SwanSong to an Old Forest

Conservation by neglect enables a forest without predators to flourish – as has happened on land owned by temples in Tamil Nadu for centuries. Gopika is employed as forest watchman but I’ve only seen him in the old forest a few times in all these years. The forest does not inspire him; he’s just the […]

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