This regular occurence is the story behind this image: Relatively speaking, this rickety table is A PERMANENT FIXTURE. And there are in addition two permanent fixtures next to a double regular occurence at an adjacent lucrative hot-spot, belonging to another grandfather – a friend: First the daytime permanent fixture and site of the daylight-hours regular […]


Salt of the Earth

This post is related to Hardware for Humanity and The Yarn Barn in flamboyant opposition to money-as-the-yardstick-for-value. Now I focus on a Smash Repair Mechanics Workshop where three men work happily together in a business that does not advertise . . . . they rely on word of mouth. ┬áThese men are the salt of […]

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The Yarn Barn

Just around the corner from where I live in Coburg is the most comprehensive variety of woollen yarns, blends and colours in all of Australia . . . It’s the hub for all interest in textiles and needle-work: including hand-loom or machine weavers, knitters and crocheters, embroiderers, dyers, tatters, sock-makers and other varieties of occupations […]

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Hardware for Humanity

I went to Charalambous Hardware shop on Sydney Road to get a key cut, to buy some cucumber seeds and some honey from the Charalambous family hives somewhere down on the Mornington Peninsular; Father was snoozing as old age does. Father came from Greece, he immigrated to a Land of Plenty and utilised his resourcefulness […]

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