After school

Because Ariyaa is younger than his siblings by a long shot, I went over to his classroom first. He and his friend Seth wanted me to know that they would be giving a presentation at Assembly tomorrow: Seth would do the talking and Ariyaa was to hold up a picture of him with a seaweed moustache; looked a bit like a huge bandaid across his mouth but they weren’t concerned about that.


Outside the entrance Headmaster Trevor always hangs out while everyone leaves; Ariyaa had a chat with him while Hari played tag with some little kids and Ani chatted with old friend Maddy.




Then we headed out the gate and made a bee-line for the Loquat tree across the road now fruiting and handy to climb. Spent a bit of time there:


After that out trusty little blue bubble Toyota Echo whisked us across to the Coburg Library from which we are entitled to take responsibility for a tremendous number of books and DVDs each week. This is the scene just inside the door:


We each make our way to the shelves and check out our books at the Check-In machines; here’s Hari concentrating on his stash:


Ani took possession of a very large number of DVDs, checked them all out and slumped in an armchair exhausted outside the security doors:


Then all the books and stuff were put in the car and we went to the Fruit and Vege shop called La Mondo – Italian family owners. We wanted to buy vegetables for a stir-fry dinner but while I was engaged on broccoli Ariyaa came pop-eyed down the aisle towards me calling Abhi: GRAPES!! So we chose grapes, Nectarines, Mangos and WATERMELON as well.

The next day was the Assembly at which Ariyaa and Seth did their presentation but I got stuck talking nonsense with Groundsman Nic and missed that part, but when I finally arrived Headmaster Trevor made one of his ingenious presentations which was well worth seeing – he’s a tremendously spunky Head; he had made himself an outfit out of newspaper and made an elaborate and very pertinent analogy with the Brunswick North West Primary School which really worked.


When the Assembly was over I caught up with Ani and Ariyaa outside near the tank stand; Ariyaa’s presentation was still intact even if his straw hat seemed to have suffered. Ani was poised graceful as ever, excited because her friend Julia was coming home after school:



So today after school Julia and Ani picked some Cumquats from our prodigious tree as it started to rain, then they watched TV while Ariyaa curled up in Devi’s bed to ruminate on his performance.




While that was happening I opened the parcel containing the Anonymous masks from Amazon and hung them up until we need them:



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