Action at the Sonagiri Devi Tank

The Sonagiri Shrines were entirely neglected in the SwanSong story but as I left the forest on the morning of the recent posting I did snap a few glimpses into this fascinating little hub as i passed: see this is the beginning of the exit onto the main road at the Ganesh Shrine:

For the last several metres of the forest path there is (mainly plastic) preparation for this initial shock. The dappled light invites speculation about how the pollution appears to locals who don’t notice. It’s a saving grace really, isn’t it?

The depiction of this cosmic joke more than borders on boring:


This morning I was again drawn back at the prospect of better light which revealed ears after all on the Big Nandi:

They just have not been painted yet. The brighter light didn’t spare my consciousness of the garbage this time:

Premonition of activity began in the sight of the tool and lunch kit this lovely lady was guarding against monkeys . . . .

. . . and a vague expectant air in the shady shrine area:


The atmosphere had the definite touch of the world in which kids get yanked along at the elbow by adults:

Lades equipped as coolies began converging on the Devi Temple. Something was happening.

They all seemed to know Devi and me, they asked the usual questions; I remembered photographing the Tank-Deepenings of several years in the past. “So it’s on again is it?” I asked, more or less. It was. I decided to use the time it would surely take to start-up by seeing if the deer had come into the forest today.
To the ladies who had been questioning me I must have suddenly vanished like a rabbit.
Once engulfed by the forest I immediately discovered something special:

I quietly wandered all through the forest, finger poised on Zoom, But the deer weren’t there today. Three ladies met me at the beginning of the forest track; this is their way of posing for a photo:

Returning to the Devi’s Frog Tank from the other side I found many more coolie women and some men had arrived. Here are those photos that managed to capture all the action:



I had noticed some signs of energy expended within the last couple of days when wandering about earlier so I revisited those sites but nothing new had happened.

The reddish soil is newly spread here, you see. On the inner bank near where the ladies sat there was also signs of fresh soil work. They enjoyed a heated conversation:



There certainly wasn’t a lot happening.

Two men came across the bed of the tank just as I was leaving to give me some action shots of expert crow-bar work. Here they are:



Back on the roadside shrine area a few more beautiful coolie ladies were just about to join the ones down in the tank bed:

Nice day for it.

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